Brewing Your Own Great Coffee at Home

Yesterday, while finishing up some final Christmas shopping, my wife and I topped off our to-do list with a quick coffee at a local coffee powerhouse in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Now my wife is all about the coffee and doesn't have much interest in the "coffee experience" that I am sure many of you are familiar with.  Time is also of the essence for her busy work and family schedule. After her first sip she uttered, "wow, they do make a great coffee here."  This of course got me thinking that I bet there are many, many people who just plain love a great tasting coffee, but don't have the time to add a stop into their day at a coffee establishment. 

Brewtoria Coffee is here to guide you in making your own great coffee at home.  With some of our single-origin and fair-trade roasts, a grinder and pourover you're there.  We'll feature some basics of technique in future posts, but we're here to tell you that brewing great coffee at home is entirely possible with minimal effort on your part!

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