Brewtoria Coffee

Coffee has been an integral part of my life. From my earliest days I can remember seeing my dad enjoying a cup as soon as he awoke. His daily ritual included sitting in his favorite chair with a blanket over his head and the steaming, piping hot coffee in his hand as he got the early news of the day from J.P. McCarthy on WJR. That image comes back to me every day as I enjoy my first cup of the day.
Time has changed since those days; and we have more options of coffee than just “can” roast that my mom brewed strong to remind my dad of the robust brew he enjoyed in the Army. Now we have light roast, french roast, Anniversary blends, K-Cups and instant packets. There is Starbuck’s, local small batch roasters, artisan roasters, home roasters and of course Maxwell House, to name a few.
Starbucks Photo of Roast Curve
Starbucks Photo of Roast Curve
Brewtoria is about all that. It is about coffee, plain and simple.
It’s a community for coffee lovers to share their favorite brew, roaster, or just how much they love coffee. Brewtoria is a place to tell the story of how coffee impacts people’s lives. So grab your favorite mug of joe, pull up a chair and stay awhile at your new online coffee house and lets talk coffee.

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