Broadcast Coffee | Ethiopia Shakisso Maduro, Light Roast

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**Roasted Light**

Producer: Shakisso

Region:  Guji zone, Oromia region

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1800 masl

Variety:  Mixed Heirloom

Country: Ethiopia

Roast Level: Light

Tastes Like: Blueberry, Honeysuckle

Meet Shakisso Maduro - a special harvest Grade 1 coffee from Guji. We are excited about this heirloom coffee for it's bright flavors that remind us of Blueberry and Honeysuckle. Guji is located in the southern part of Oromia, one of the largest coffee producing areas in Ethiopia. Since 2001, Shakisso farm has been growing organic coffees and works closely with medium sized farms to keep quality high.

The farmland sits on top of gold mines, leaving the landscape full of holes. It can be risky walking through the fields but we think there might be some of that precious material in this coffee. Get ready for a "golden" cup!

Recommended Brewing Method: Aeropress | Chemex | V60 | Auto Drip

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