Broadcast Coffee | Brazil Marjorie Pereira, Medium-Light Roast

Broadcast Coffee | Brazil Marjorie Pereira, Medium-Light Roast

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**Roasted Medium-Light**

Producer: Marjorie Pereira, Ipe Farm

Elevation: 1,000 masl

Region: South of Minas

Varietal: Arara

Process: Natural

Notes: Jasmine, Peach Cobbler

Roast Level: Medium-Light

This is the second competition-winning coffee that we've featured this year. Placing 5th in the Women Producers group of the Minasul competition, this natural processed coffee stands out as a great example of high quality growing and processing, and dedication.

After the loss of her husband, Marjorie Pereira made the choice to continue operating the coffee farm in her husband's stead. In this, she found solace. She manages the farm along with her two children, Janaína and Matheus, along with two coffee shops. They roast and sell their own coffee as well, in the city of Três Corações.

Recommended brew method: V60 | Chemex | Autodrip | Aeropress

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