Broadcast Coffee | Kenyan Gaturiri AB, Medium-Light Roast

Broadcast Coffee | Kenyan Gaturiri AB, Medium-Light Roast

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**Roasted Medium-Light**


Producer: Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society

Region: Nyeri

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1,700 masl

Variety: SL28, SL34

Country: Kenya

Roast Level: Medium-Light

Tastes Like: Cinnamon, Nectarine

In Kenya, wet mills are referred to as Factories, and are cooperative-run, meaning producer members work together on market access, training and education, financial resources, and profit sharing. The Gaturiri Factory is situated on the Kirigu River, which allows access to fresh, clean water for processing coffee.

Gaturiri is a Kikuyu word for “the shrubs.” It is a known to be a place where people visit to collect herbs for medicine. Gaturiri serves about 1,500 small scale producers and produces approximately 600 tons of cherry. The Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society is located in the Mathira East Sub-County in Nyeri county. It is currently composed of four factories: Karatina, Karindundu, Gaturiri and Gatomboya. It was registered in October 1996 with the Cooperative Development and Coffee Board of Kenya.

This lot is a sort of the Factory's AB screen sizes. Typically, AB coffees are seen as the more balanced of Kenyan screen size sorts.

Recommended brew method: V60 | Chemex Autodrip | Aeropress 

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