Broadcast Coffee | Rwanda Muzo, Medium-Light Roast

Broadcast Coffee | Rwanda Muzo, Medium-Light Roast

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**Roasted Medium-Light**

Elevation: 1570-2200 masl

Region: Gakenke District

Producer: Smallholder Farms around Muzo Washing Station

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Washed

Notes: Red Hard Candy, Lemon Iced Tea

Roast Level: Medium-Light

The Muzo Washing Station is located in the Gakenke District, which borders Lake Kivu. Muzo Washing Station provides services to some 800 producers in the area, where coffee cherries are delivered on the same day as harvest, ensuring the highest quality is upheld.

The Muzo station also provides access to clean water for the community, education on growing practices, loans, seedlings to replace coffee plants that have reached maturity, and more.

The high elevation of these farms provide much rainfall throughout the year, which generally results in higher production and better tasting coffee. These farms are located in an active volcanic zone, and as such, coffee is grown in fertile volcanic soil, adding to the quality and production of the coffees coming out of the region.

Recommended brew method: V60 | Chemex | Autodrip | Aeropress

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