Peru | Medium Roast

Peru | Medium Roast

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Give your taste buds a rest from the dark, bold flavors you are used to and find something new in the light and hearty undertones of classic Peruvian Coffee.

Born in the laps of the Andes, this medium roasted coffee is gently washed and dried in the sun.

The subtle taste of salted caramel and citrus with the silky sweetness of the medium roasted coffee beans makes for a gentle yet significant taste profile.

A sweet robust texture with a charming aftertaste makes for an absolute delight in every cup. Try yours today.

Certification/Grading: FT, Organic

Roast: Medium

Tasting Profile: Salted caramel, silky sweet, citrus

Grower: Cooperativa Agricola de Servicisios Norandino

Variety: Caturra, Bourpon, Catuai, Pache, & Catimor

Region: Piura, Amazonas, Peru

Altitude: 1100-1700 M

Soil Type: Clay Minerals

Process: Gully washed and dried in the sun.