A Student's Reflection of Craft Coffee


For some, morning coffee is about flipping the switch and that's okay, I get it life is hectic and time is precious. That was me for many years, wake up, yawn, flip switch, pour. However In 2005 I started tinkering with home espresso which gradually transitioned to manual brew methods like today's Ethiopian using my Kalita Wave 185.

Craft Coffee Brew Methods Kalita Wave

There is something for me about measuring, grinding, blooming and watching my coffee develop each day. I practice, I learn, and the joy of refinement is beautiful to me. Maybe it's like music. Sure when I am driving I'll just turn on the radio and listen, but when I have the time I get out my records and experience the tones and sounds that jump from the grooves. I can see the similarities with coffee. I measure, grind, prepare and when my cup is ready the aroma, textures and notes talk to me like an old record.

What does coffee mean to you? We would love to hear!

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