Coffee has been an integral part of my life. From my earliest days I can remember seeing my dad enjoying a cup as soon as he awoke. His daily ritual included sitting in his favorite chair with a blanket over his head with a steaming, piping hot coffee in his hand as he got the early news of the day from the Detroit AM radio powerhouse, WJR. That image comes back to me every day as I enjoy my first cup of the day.Origami Dripper

It was shortly after I was married that I began to yearn for more from my coffee. My auto drip home brewer, with coffee from a large plastic tub; soon began to scream words like BORING, STALE, BURNT and AWFUL at me.  It wasn’t much better at work where I would have a mid-morning coffee from a 24/7 puck of coffee in a pink plastic mug. Caffeine...sure, flavorful, exotic, relaxing, enjoyable, NOT!  

I soon began seeking better coffee. Coffee that would enhance my life. Coffee that I could anticipate the morning with and savor when I had extra time to experience the subtle notes of flavor. Experiments soon ensued with home roasting, organic specialty roasts, trips to independent coffee roasters, and purchases of unique home brewing equipment with trial runs on grind, roast, water, and temperature; and I am still learning. 

Just for the record, Brewtoria Coffee is not my full-time gig.  I have a full-time career that I am devoted to and enjoy. Brewtoria is a start-up venture that I am passionately working in my spare time; early mornings, evenings and weekends. Brewtoria is dedicated to guide you in your journey to live a better life through coffee. It is here you can buy the latest brewing equipment, apparel, and read stories about new manual brewing methods, and the people across the globe who are sticking their toe into life changing coffee. Our new coffee partner is simply AMAZING, providing whole bean or ground roast coffee that is roasted fresh on the same day it ships to your door. Our offerings will suite a wide array of coffee palettes from rich robust  blends, to single origin craft roasts, and we didn't forget those who prefer single serve pods. Check out our reviews page for the latest feedback. We hope that you’ll join us in "Crafting the Perfect Cup"

Greg, Brewtoria Coffee