Beezy's Cafe, Ypsilanti, Michigan

My travels this week to me to Beezy’s Cafe in downtown Ypsilanti, MI. Beezy's Cafe 20 Washington, StreetI’ve had a few meetups at Beezy’s in the past and the staff has always been superbly accommodating and friendlier than all get out, and today was no exception. When I asked for coffee options, they told me, without shame, that their espresso machine had recently relinquished life and that my options were brewed coffee and brewed coffee. So while pumping my brew of their Chicago based Intelligentsia Coffee I quipped to them about my coffee blog Brewtoria and my desire to take a few photos. The team quickly assembled for this prize fighter pose.

Beezy's Team

The Beezy’s vibe wails of some serious vintage chill, from the mismatched 70’s furniture, to the library tables for laser focus studying or work. My presence in Beezy’s seems to lower my vital readings of both respiration and blood pressure.

Part of a growing hipster scene in Ypsilanti, Beezy’s is easily accessed in downtown Ypsi with plenty of free parking in back, or surface street parking along Washington Avenue in the front. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out for Beezy’s local cuisine. Soups, salads, and sandwiches abound here. i am particularly fond of their Barbecue Bacon Chicken Salad (yes I said bacon) and their Cajun Chicken Soup, however I don’t think you could really go wrong with anything on the menu.

IMG_20140506_095334Check out Beezy’s, the coffee is deluxe and refills abound here. The tea is also pretty amazing with “old fashioned” style of sweetener that only your southern aunt knows how to make! 

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