3 Reasons To Give Black Coffee a Try

What's all the fuss about drinking black coffee?

If you’re like many coffee drinkers, pouring cream or sugar into that steaming morning cup is just part of the routine. In fact, you’d probably feel weird without these “enhancements.” Naked, even.

So why are people telling you to go without them? Are they crazy? Do they really want you to drink black coffee?

black coffee

They’re not being spoilsports. They’re not out to ruin your day. Actually, they’re doing you a favor by encouraging you to try something different.

Here’s why black coffee is worth your time:

  1. You’re really missing out. Drinking your chosen brew with cream and/or sugar thrown in dilutes the real flavor. Every specialty roast coffee brand is different – no two bags give you the same taste experience. You’ll never know that if you play it safe. Life should be an adventure! Why not go out and discover something you’ll really love?
  2. It’s not good for your health. Yep, it’s true. How is this possible? Well, all that sugar and cream builds up. Before you know it, the calories start to take over. Did you know that people who drink sweetened coffee tend to take in about 69 more calories a day? Seems small at first, but you’re not doing your diet any favors.
  3. Your morning is busy enough. The last thing you want to do is rummage through shelves and drawers trying to find everything you need. You shouldn’t have to waste precious minutes panicking because you’re out of sugar packets. The less you’ve got to think about, the more time you’ve got to relax and enjoy your coffee. Black coffee is awesome like that.

So put away all those fancy sweeteners. Join the cool kids club and give black coffee a whirl!

cup of black coffee

Do you drink your coffee black?  Or do you smooth it over with cream, sugar and or flavoring?  We would love to hear your thoughts

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