Coffee and Hockey, The Perfect Match!

January 25, 2017

Coffee and Hockey, The Perfect Match!

AbbiefitCoffee couldn’t exist without people. Many people can’t exist without coffee. But why?

Brewtoria is looking to answer that and discover those stories. Our friend Abbie Says from Montreal shares why her love of coffee is almost as much as for her hockey team—the Montreal Canadiens.

Brewtoria: Who’s the most interesting person you’ve shared a coffee with and why?

Abbie Says: My darling, and I do not kiss and tell.

Brew: I see you’re quite the hockey fan. What sound do you enjoy the most? The slap of the stick on the ice / puck, or the hissing of an espresso machine?

AS: Slap of the puck…

Brew: How does coffee inspire your creativity?

AS: The aroma of coffee sparks all sorts of memories and gets my mind floating. Just the perfect blend to fuel my passion for art.

Brew: What is your favorite coffee drink?

AS: Short espresso… (Ristretto)

Brew: On a cold Montreal morning, how do you prefer your coffee? To go cardboard cup, or old school mug?

AS: MUG!!!

Brew: Where are some of your favorite coffee shops in Montreal?

AS: Caffee Napoletano , Cafe Shaika, and Cafe Creme Brulerie all in Montreal Quebec.

Brew: Any parting thoughts to share?

AS: When I think of coffee I think of the aroma, the ambiance, a comfortable chair and a time to share!

Abbie Says can be found on Twitter at @AbbieFit. If you have a story to tell about coffee and your experience with it, love for it, or anything else about how it impacts you, feel free to contact us at or @brewtoria

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