Craft Coffee Changed My Life

Hello. My name is Jill.

I’ve never told anyone this, but coffee changed my life.

Some people would say I’m crazy – how can something like a simple cup of coffee do anything more than wake you up in the morning?

It’s true, though. Until recently, I was in a pretty bad place.

For one thing, I had no money. My part-time job paid terribly. All I could do was get a few bills out of the way. And I could barely do that!

I didn’t even have a friend or two I could call up. It was definitely lonely, especially at the end of a long day. I’d grab a bowl of popcorn, sit my butt in front of the television, and binge on a few Netflix originals. Sometimes I was up so late, I barely got any sleep before I had to head to work.

One day, I got the urge to walk in the craft coffee shop that's in my neighborhood. I had quit coffee a few years ago having grown tired of the burnt and bitter taste that my counter top pot made. I gazed over the menu board and decided to try a pourover. I figured what the heck, I've heard of these....might as well give it a try.

If I’m honest, it was overwhelming. So many things to choose from Aeropress, Chemex, even something called a Walküre. I was surprised at all of the manual devices that I found in the shop, along with specialty roast beans. I guess I never knew anything beyond my electric drip pot and the cheap bag roast from my grocery store.

I took my mug, added a splash of cream, and plopped down at a high counter workspace.  I took a sip after it cooled and was amazed at the citrus and almost nutty coffee taste.  This was nothing like my auto-dripper days. 

Feeling perky, the day seemed a bit brighter. After plowing through some revisions I had been putting off I glanced across the shop and that’s when I saw him. There he was, sitting at a table, typing away on his laptop. Feeling brave, I walked up and asked him if he had a favorite brewed coffee.

He smiled, pointed right at the menu on the chalkboard, and said “I love the Peruvian Chemex.”

One thing lead to another, and I had a best friend. Somebody to call, hang out with, and enjoy coffee with.

I even managed to find a pretty awesome new job.

I tell you, coffee changed my life.

What has it done for you?

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