Ferris Coffee, Grand Rapids, Michigan - Bee House Dripper

A few months ago my daughter and I accompanied my wife to Grand Rapids where she was attending a board meeting for the day. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Having a day off of work with a daughter itching to explore, we headed out after breakfast taking a short walk to Ferris Coffee in their downtown location close to the Grand Rapids campus of Grand Valley State University.

We were greeted with warm smiles as we walked in to their retail location Ferris Coffee Downtown Grand Rapidsas our eyes took in the chill vibe of modern design with comfy chairs and high-top tables supporting students and business professionals tapping away at sleek laptops sprouting earbuds and cords in all directions.

Our coffee professional helped us place our orders. I asked for a pour over and my daughter got a cappuccino, from the wall menu I chose a Rwandan Bushoki for my manual brew.

Rwandan Bushoki, Ferris Coffee, Grand Rapids, Michigan

We chose two fluffy chairs close to the counter with unique end tables made from blocks of cut rough lumber. Curious about the brewing method, I slipped up to the counter where the barista was beginning my pour.  Not recognizing the brewing device, I asked inquisitively and she introduced me to the Bee House cone dripper.

The Bee House is a ceramic cone shaped dripper. It uses a standard #2 Melitta filter. The design of the Bee House allows for a slow drain of water. The pulse technique using timed intervals of water application over the bed of coffee is ideal for the Bee House.   

I was amazed at how citrussy and flavorful my Rwandan Bushoki was. My daughter was equally delighted with her cappuccino (I secretly took a few sips when she was watching some kids play next to us).  I really enjoyed my trip to Ferris Coffee and know the next time I am in Grand Rapids I'll plan to stop in to take in some new experiences from a great business.

What's your favorite local coffee shop? We'd love to hear about it.


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