How to Make a Pour Over Coffee

April 11, 2018

How to Make a Pour Over Coffee

Nothing beats that first cup of coffee in the morning.

That delicious, satisfying jolt gives you the courage to power through the day. With each sip, you feel yourself waking up to the world.

You really know your way around coffee makers, too. Heck, you could push the buttons in your sleep.

But maybe you’d like to savor something different for once. Something that will rock your taste buds.

Have you ever heard of pour over coffee?

Pour over coffee is a special kind of coffee made by pouring water over grounded beans, giving you a fresh, flavorful cup to enjoy. Many people believe this brewing method produces a tastier, more adventurous cup of coffee.

Want to give it a try?

What you’ll need:


  1. Fill the kettle with around 12 ounces of water (if you only want one cup) with a little extra so you can rinse the filter. If you can control the kettle’s temperature, set it anywhere from 200°F to 205°F. Bring the water to a boil.
  2. Grind the coffee to a size similar to ground black pepper. You’re going to want one tablespoon of beans for every three ounces of water.
  3. Put the coffee filter in the drip coffee pour over, then place the pour over on top of the coffee cup.
  4. Rinse the filter with the water, then dump the water out of the cup.
  5. Measure out the water. For example, if you have two tablespoons of grounded beans, put in six ounces of water.
  6. Put the coffee grounds in the filter and pour a bit of water over them. The coffee will quickly “bloom” (swell up).
  7. Wait for the bloom to settle down. Then, starting from the center, carefully pour the water in a spiral direction.
  8. Let the coffee sit for a minute so the water can completely drain into the cup.
  9. Enjoy!


Got a long weekend coming up? Looking to shake up a cold entry to spring? Get pouring! This could be your new favorite thing.

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