Steamers & Breaking Beans Coffee, Lambertville, Michigan

Last Saturday, during a break at my son’s wrestling tournament, I ventured down the road to Steamers Coffee, In Lambertville, MI.

Steamer, Lambertville, MI
Steamers, Lambertville, MI

Lambertville, sits right on the Ohio border and is essentially a part of suburban Toledo Ohio. It’s one of those unique border towns where you’re not really sure what state you’re in as residents of both states meander about their lives crossing the border without thinking or realizing they’ve entered a different state.

I walked in, close to their 2:00 pm closing time, and the staff was more than welcoming; allowing me to take some photos and “talk coffee” with them as I sipped on my dark roast coffee. The shop had a well designed decor with beautiful coffee art and comfortable tables and chairs throughout.

When I asked about their coffee, the team was proud to tell me about Breaking Beans Coffee in nearby Monroe Michigan. Breaking Beans has a great story behind them.

Breaking Beans Coffee, Monroe, Michigan
Breaking Beans Coffee, Monroe, Michigan

Their mission is to train and employ adults with disabilities in all aspects of the coffee business. The manager at Steamers shared the story of Breaking Beans and I could see and hear her passion for what they do. I told them I would be happy to feature them on my blog and help to spread the word. I listened intently and then perused a few of their coffee roasts for sale at Steamers. They had an extensive selection of light, medium, dark and flavored roast coffees.

Steamers Coffee Bar is located at 3500 W. Sterns Rd. in Lambertville, MI. Breaking Bean Coffee can be contacted at (734) 847-2203 and at

If you know of a truly unique and local coffee shop that is making strides with their coffee, or connecting with people in a great way, Brewtoria would love to hear about them. We can be contacted at or on Twitter @brewtoria. As always, Enjoy your Coffee! 

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