Outdoor Acoustics Fueled by Light Roast Coffee

In early September, this past year, I completed one of my bucket list adventures — a multi-day backpacking adventure on Isle Royale National Park in Michigan’s Lake Superior. After four days beating the trail I finally made it back to base camp at Rock Harbor where I had a comp day to rest, relax, and enjoy the beauty of this northern gem. I started my day, as I had all week, with a cup of freshly ground acoustic set light roast coffee and some quiet meditation.

The light fruity notes of the coffee combined with the wind coursing through the trees reminded me that when you're on Isle Royale, or any other remote wilderness location, the only sounds you hear are the sounds of nature. The cry of the loon, the wind on top of a ridge, the water lapping rhythmically on the shore. I finished my coffee and headed to the kayak rental at the ranger station where I secured a half-day rental. By mid-morning I was edging my way across the calm glass of Superior's Tobin Harbor.  

While the visual beauty was astonishing, the quiet call of the loon layered with the strokes of my paddle against the pure clear water was the best acoustic concert I've attended.  I slowly made my way to the opposite shore where I beached my boat and ascended the trail up to Lookout Louise.

Later that night, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the annual artist in residence program was being presented in one of the park's theaters that evening.  I attended and heard the lead singer and guitarist of the Pines,(Minneapolis) present his work from two isolated weeks in a cabin on the south shore of the island.  It was times like these in 2017 where I drew a deeper inspiration for my specialty coffee roasts here at Brewtoria Coffee and what they exemplify in my life, whether it be the solitude of a long hike, or a quiet morning listening to my favorite vinyl jazz composition. Brewtoria Coffee is here for those seeking similar spaces in their life. Do you have a similar connection with nature, coffee, or music? We would love to hear about it.

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