Ugly Mug Cafe and Roastery, Ypsilanti, Michigan

The Ugly Mug Cafe and Coffee Roastery pulls you back to simpler times. There is nothing pretentious, nothing cutting edge about the Ugly Mug. They roast, they coffee, they have food.

Ugly Mug Ypsilanti, Michigan
Ugly Mug Ypsilanti, Michigan

The place is adorned with furniture that has seen it’s better days and posters and prints from decades past. I like it here. It feels like my corner of the bedroom where I have heaps of magazines waiting to tell their story to someone who will listen. The patrons are my kind of people too…..everyone in search of something and asking coffee to go along for the ride. As I exited after enjoying some iced coffee on a warm summer day a guy strolled up on roller blades. He knew from past attempts that he wasn’t allowed in the Mug with his wheels. He pulled out several coins and asked some regulars if they would buy him a coffee. After witnessing multiple head shaking mumbles, I got him his coffee and told him about Brewtoria. A place where the stories of coffee lovers can be shared whether they’re in Armani suits, or calf-high roller blades. He pulled it up on his phone, gave it a glance and said “Yeah, I like that…..Brewtoria, I’ll check it out.”

You’ve got a story to tell about coffee, so share it. Send your thoughts to along with a picture and if chosen we’ll get you some sweet brewtoria swag. 

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