Manual Coffee Burr Grinder

People have routines in the morning, yoga, pushups, quiet meditation or prayer. I am sure most of you have a routine, or sequence of several at the break of day. Over the past couple of years, I’ve added a routine that I find rather gratifying...I grind my own coffee beans, manually.

This all started while perusing Twitter during the holiday season spotting a deal on a manual stainless steel burr grinder.  I copied the link and emailed it to my wife and unbeknownst to me it showed up on Christmas morning along with some green beans for home roasting and an Aeropress.

And so it began. I am not sure exactly what it is that attracts me to this rather slow and methodical process, but I am finding it addicting.  Possibly the aching of my hands and wrist from the couple minute grind, the crunching noise that I, and my family, find therapeutically soothing, or the exact consistent powdery grind that I tap and brush into a small bowl and then load into my Aeropress or coffee pour over  before I douse it with blistering water. I imagine that they all in their own way contribute to my fascination with the manual grind (not to mention that it produces incredible tasting coffee).  These manual grinders are ideal for frequent travelers who like making their own brewed coffee, on-the-go folks like campers, backpackers, or generally anyone who doesn’t mind arming through a few minutes of work to produce a consistent, ideal grind for brewing their own coffee.

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