Zingerman's Coffee Company, Ann Arbor, MI

Feeling adventurous? Try some different coffee brewing methods at your favorite coffee shop. Yesterday I had my first Aerobie Aeropress at Zingerman’s Coffee Company in Ann Arbor, MI. The Aeropress’s single brewing method provides a the rich coffee flavor, with less bitterness and acidity. My cup was completely absent of any grounds which can commonly occur with the French Press.IMG_20140912_102602

Zingerman’s provides an extremely helpful “Big Brew Board” which visualizes which roast works best with a variety of brewing methods…Pour Over, Chemex, Drip Cone Filter, Immersion Brewer, Press Pot, Siphon Pot, and Aerobie Aeropress, along with other more traditional selections.Zingerman's Roast

I chose the the Road House Joe, straight up black in a mug. Good times, I highly recommend!! 

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