FAQ & Returns Policy


How is my coffee roasted, packaged and shipped?

We are partnering with a local small batch roaster who currently roasts three to four days per week.  Generally speaking, orders will be roasted the same, or next day, to ensure you receive fresh coffee ready for consumption.  Exceptions would be orders received on a Friday through Sunday may not be roasted until a Monday. All coffee is packaged in 12 oz. bags.  Following packaging, your order will be shipped the same or next day.  As our business grows, we plan to solidify timing between roasting and shipping.

Do you offer ground coffee in addition to whole bean?

We currently only offer whole bean, regular coffee.  Grinding your whole beans shortly before brewing is proven to maximize the subtle tastes and coffee strength. Our goal is for our customers to fully enjoy their small batch coffee purchases.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our online store is run through Shopify and as a result we accept all major US credit and cards including Paypal.  

How do I return any coffee or products purchased from Brewtoria Coffee?

Your complete satisfaction is important to us.  As a result we offer a 30 day satisfaction and return policy.  If for any reason your are not satisfied with your purchase you may request a return by emailing brewtoria@gmail.com with a statement of your return reasons.  A refund will be credited once the product and or unused portions of coffee are returned in the original bag.  Shipping fees to return the product will be at the expense of the customer.

How are the plank / palette artwork boards finished?

All plank boards / palette artwork is finished with a mate interior spray.  If you are placing in a kitchen or outside location where splashing or wetness could occur we suggest placing a polyurethane or semi gloss finish on the artwork.  If your boards ever rub against something that causes a blurry mark, it can be easily removed by lightly rubbing with a well wrung out wet washcloth.