3 Steps to End Bad Coffee

You’re so sick of it. It tastes terrible, looks nasty, and leaves a thick, brown ring around your coffee cup that you can’t scrub off.

We’re talking, of course, about bad coffee. You can find it anywhere – a shady diner on the side of the road, an employee break room, the clearance section at the grocery store. Once you’ve had it, you never forget it (for all the wrong reasons).

Bad Coffee

But you don’t have to sit back and accept subpar stuff in your morning routine. It’s time to end bad coffee, and we know just how to do it.

Step One: Join a Coffee Subscription Service

There are online subscription services for just about everything, from clothes to dog treats to comic books – why not coffee, as well? You’ll have the freedom to test different flavors and brands every month, expanding your horizons. Sure, you might wind up with a few duds, but chances are you’ll discover something truly delicious.

Step Two: Grind Your Own Beans

We touched on this in Here’s Why You Should Grind Your Own Whole Bean Coffee, but it comes down to this: whole bean coffee changes the coffee landscape in a big way. When you grind your own beans at home, you get a fresher cup and more control over the food quality in your kitchen.

Step Three: Pourover Coffee

Pourover coffee? Yup, it’s a very real thing, and it involves pouring hot water over coffee beans. It’s a little involved and might be frustrating for newcomers, but in the end, you get a cup that can’t be beat.

What’s the worst cup of coffee you’ve ever had? Something so sketchy, so crude and gross, you almost swore off coffee forever? We’d love to know, so be sure to share in the comments.

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