Here's Why You Should Grind Your Own Whole Bean Coffee

You just know it’s going to be one of those mornings.

Stumbling down the stairs in a sleepy stupor, your mind wanders to the coffee maker in the kitchen. Must… have… caffeine…

As your hands reach for the creepy clown mug you got as a gag gift from your spouse, you hope you remembered to pick up that bag of coffee from the store last week.

For millions of slow risers, scooping ground coffee mix into the coffee maker is a beloved ritual. It wouldn’t be a proper morning without those pre-ground beans.

But is it better to grind your own coffee for a tastier, more refreshing cup? Or is pre-ground the way to go?

Grind Your Own Whole Bean Coffee

Sure, pre-ground gives you your morning jolt quicker, but whole bean coffee (meaning, you grind the coffee beans yourself) has tons of benefits.

For one thing, did you know ground coffee beans age? The longer they sit, the higher the chances are of losing flavor. You don’t get fresh coffee by the time you brew a cup, just stale coffee.

Many people don’t know they’re missing out. They don’t even get to enjoy the intoxicating aroma that comes with freshly ground coffee beans.

Making Coffee at Home

And consider this: coffee tastes better when you “make” the coffee yourself. You don’t just add water to a machine and hit a button.  

Oh sure, you didn’t fly to Africa and pick the coffee cherries off the plants with your own two hands, but you play a bigger role in the process.

To get started, all you need is a quality grinder and a few extra minutes.  I've written previously about my obsession with manual grinding and the short "rhythmic workout" I get each morning.

What do you think is beneficial about whole bean coffee? Have you ever tried it? We’d love to know.

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