Mazzer Super Jolly V UP Espresso Grinder Doser

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Mazzer Super Jolly Espresso Grinder Doser 

Italy's own Luigi Mazzer used his engineering skills and training in the 1940's to develop precision coffee grinders for use in the espresso cafes in Italy. Known for their superb quality and high degree of consistency, the Mazzer Super Jolly offers a 280 gram doser that provides shots that baristas have come to love. 


Grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for medium consumption.
Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment.

The new V Up model now has a black plastic tray. The stainless steel tray is no longer available.

Available in the following versions:

TIMER: with timer switch
AUTOMATIC: with start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full. Available in single and three phase versions.
ELECTRONIC: uses an electronic keypad to set the dose by time to .05 seconds.  Inputs may vary depending on the set and roast point, blend, or single-origin coffee. 

Technical Specs:

Use: Doser

Version: MANUAL: with manual switch, TIMER: with timer switch, AUTOMATIC: with start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full. Available in single and three phase versions.

Power: 350 watt

Grinding adjustment: Stepless micrometrical grind adjustment

Burrs: flat

Standard Burrs: 33M single phase - 33T three phase

Diameter standard burrs: Ø 64mm (2 1/2 inches)

Weight: 14 kg (31 lbs)

RPM: 1400 rpm @50Hz | 1600 rpm @60Hz

Body: aluminum die casting

Hopper capacity: 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs)

Optional hoppers measures: 320 g hopper | 600 g hopper

Output: medium-low

Extraction method: espresso

Warranty: 1 year parts, 30 days labor

Shipping: Shipping lead time can be up to 2 weeks from time of order.

* Units are Brand New. Each grinder assembled by Mazzer is quality tested and calibrated with actual coffee beans prior to packaging. As a result, there may be some residual evidence of this "quality test" by the assembly technicians at Mazzer.

** Product images for each model (Timer, Automatic, Electronic) images may not be exactly represented for the specific model purchased. 


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