Origami Dripper Medium | 1-4 Cups

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Can the Famous Origami Ceramic Dripper make any difference to your craft-coffee experience?

The answer is a resounding yes.

The 20 ceramic folds give these beautiful Japanese drippers a much higher surface area. This increase in surface area releases more heat and flavor during your manual brew making every cup worth the effort.

Indulge in the taste of a sweeter and milder extraction for every cup you brew with a dripper that resonates with the Japanese art of simplicity and minimalism.

To sum it up, the Origami is just plain cute and produces a wonderful cup.

Explore the difference that it can make to your coffee. Get the original Origami today! 

We suggest using the dripper holder (sold separately) to level and stabilize the dripper during manual coffee brewing.

Holder Sold Separately

**Ships from Saline, MI. Average 3-5 days for delivery**