Kenya Swara AB , Medium-Light Roast

Kenya Swara AB , Medium-Light Roast

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**Roasted Medium-Light**

We’ve been searching for an African single origin that we are able to offer year-round and are thrilled to present this Kenya Swara. This coffee is juicy enough to satisfy those searching for a wilder flavor profile, but developed enough for those seeking a balanced, approachable cup.

This coffee is grown by small producers in Western and Central Kenya, with farms ranging between .5 and 2 hectares (1.23 - 5 acres). Kenyacof Limited sources, buys, processes and sells the coffees that it exports. With a fully integrated system, they're able to hone in on both quality and sustainability. They actively engage with gender equality and land stewardship.

With Kenya's multiple waves of harvests throughout the year (typically referred to as a "main harvest" and a "fly crop"), we're able to offer this coffee fresh year-round.

"AB" denotes the sorted coffee seed size. Being about 30% of all of Kenya's production, AB is the middle ground in terms of size for specialty coffee in Kenya - just between AA (largest) and PB (smallest). It is actually a mixture of A, which is sorted using a 6.8 mm screen, and B, which is sorted using a 6.2 mm screen.

Elevation: 1,400-1,900 masl
Varietal: Ruiru 11, SL-28, SL-34
Process: Washed
Notes: Poached Pear, Black Currant

Roaster: Broadcast Coffee in Seattle Washington.

Recommended Brewing Method: Aeropress | Chemex | V60 | Auto Drip

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