Ambergris Espresso Blend

Ambergris Espresso Blend

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Tastes Like: Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry

Ambergris Espresso is an exquisite blend crafted from four distinct, artisan-roasted coffee origins, each sourced from mountainous regions around the equator. This unique combination brings together the rich, diverse flavors of these high-altitude beans, resulting in a harmonious and robust espresso. The blend is meticulously balanced to highlight the individual characteristics of each origin, delivering a complex and satisfying cup with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and raspberry. Ideal for coffee aficionados, Ambergris Espresso promises a refined and memorable tasting experience.

Roaster: Brian Franklin, Doubleshot Coffee, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Recommended brewing method: Espresso

Photo Credit: Amanda Weiss, Doubleshot Coffee