Baratza Encore ESP

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The Encore was first introduced to make café quality grinding available to home users at a friendly price point. As home espresso grows in demand, gear prices seem to be following suit. That's why the Encore ESP was born: to ensure that top-tier espresso grinding is affordable, while living up to the simplicity and consistency that Baratza is known for!  This is Baratza's newest grinder!

Our most trusted grinder, re-engineered to be optimized for espresso. Features new metal internals for highly consistent grinds and durable, long-lasting operation. Comes with a portafilter dosing cup for faster workflow and reduced mess!


Speed to Grind 1.5 g/sec - 2.4 g/sec
Burrs 40mm M2 Conical Burr
Burr Removal Quick-release
Steps of Adjustment 20 macro steps (#21-40)
Fine-tune adjustment 20 micro steps (#1-20)
Adjustment System Metal, Dual-Range
Grounds Bin Included
Dosing Cup (54mm) + 58mm adapter Included
Color Options Black or White

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