Expedition Brewer

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The Expedition Coffee Brewer is one of the most portable coffee brewers on the market. The simple design includes a laminated copper cone with a canvas exterior, a wooden base, and paper filters. All the pieces fit inside the canvas jacket, and a snap closure secures them. 

This unique pour-over coffee maker weighs less than two ounces and fits easily into a backpack or pocket. The Expedition Brewer proves that you don’t have to fill your bag with cumbersome gear to get great-tasting coffee on the go.

Product summary:

  • Kit includes canvas jacket, laminated copper cone, paper filter, and wooden support
  • Pour-over brew method
  • Weighs less than two ounces
  • Copper snap closure keeps all pieces in one place
  • Packs flat

How to use it

Choose your favorite mug and place the Expedition Brewer’s wooden support over the mouth of it. Place the laminated copper cone into the canvas jacket. Add a paper cone filter and measure your coffee grounds. Hario Cone Filters recommended for replacement.

Recommended lightweight scale: AWS travel scale


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