Maracay Pink Bourbon, Natural - Subscription

Maracay Pink Bourbon, Natural - Subscription

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**Roasted Medium**

Tastes Like: Raspberry, Raisin, Plum

Maracay Pink Bourbon Natural Coffee from Colombia is a distinctive and exceptional coffee, celebrated for its unique flavor profile and meticulous processing. Grown in the lush, high-altitude regions of Quindio, this rare pink bourbon variety undergoes a natural processing method, enhancing its intrinsic sweetness and complexity. The coffee exhibits vibrant notes of tropical fruits, floral undertones, and a delicate hint of berry, all balanced by a smooth, velvety body. Revered by connoisseurs, Maracay Pink Bourbon from producer, Luz Helena Salazar, offers a rich, aromatic experience that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication of Colombian coffee farmers, making it a standout in specialty coffee selections.

Roaster: Brian Franklin, Doubleshot Coffee, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Recommended brew method: V60 | Chemex | Autodrip | French Press | Aeropress

Just Drink it Black, No Cream, No Shug!

Photo Credit: Amanda Weiss, Doubleshot Coffee

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