Wakerobin Blend

Wakerobin Blend

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**Roasted Medium**

Tastes Like: Chocolate, Dates, Honey, Stone Fruit

The Wakerobin blend is a captivating medium roast, crafted from a harmonious mix of 50% Peruvian and 50% Mexican beans. Featuring traditional washed processing and varietals like Bourbon, Caturra, and Typica, this blend boasts a delightful flavor profile. Notes of chocolate, dates, honey, and stone fruit create a rich, layered taste experience. Each sip reveals a smooth, balanced complexity, perfect for those who enjoy a nuanced and satisfying coffee. Wakerobin is ideal for savoring both as a daily brew or a special treat.

Roaster: Morningsong Roasters, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Recommended Brewing Method: French Press | V60 | Auto Drip

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